"Mariposa's longtime skill and experience in herbalism, and, in particular, in Chinese medicine imparts a confident strength, clarity, and accuracy to her assessment, treatment, and compassionate care during treatments she has administered to me. I am impressed by how she leads me simply and precisely, during our consultations, to unearth ways that I might better take care of myself, then goes right to the point(s) (no pun intended) in our sessions. Her intellect is lightning sharp and she is informed vastly by her intuitive understanding of the inextricable body-mind-spirit-emotional dialogue. She is one of the most truly friendly people I have ever met and is ever ready to help someone who is in need. These qualities, along with her integrity as a person and her sweet humor, make her an utterly reliable, accessible, and inexhaustible spring of resource in reviving optimal wellness that I treasure; and I look forward to visiting her each week. Like the butterfly that is in her Spirit, she combines a deep interest in the essence of each client she works with and an ability to draw back and let the ancient techniques of TCM work its' magic on it's own. "

Mariposa is a genuine healer--when I leave her office after a treatment, I
am transformed. If I was getting sick, instead I get well. If I was in a low
state, I'm elevated. Gratitude for a wonderful gift!

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